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Jim Montgomery calls for Matthew Tkachuk to be suspended after this

Published May 10, 2024 at 0:55

The recent fight between Matthew Tkachuk and David Pastrnak during Game 2 has become a focal point for hockey fans everywhere, stirring a mix of reactions.

Amid various opinions, Bruins head coach Jim Montgomery shared his perspective on the incident.

While Montgomery acknowledged that the fight itself was part of the game's intensity, he criticized Tkachuk's actions towards the end of the altercation.

Specifically, he expressed disapproval of Tkachuk throwing an extra punch at Pastrnak as the Bruins' forward was going down. Montgomery stated,
"That's not part of the game to me,"
indicating his displeasure with what he viewed as a cheap shot.

Montgomery on Tkachuk throwing extra punch as Pastrnak went down: «that's not part of the game to me.»

This incident has clearly struck a chord with Montgomery, who saw the additional punch as unnecessary and not in keeping with the spirit of fair play.

The coach's comments reflect his concern for player safety and sportsmanship, especially when emotions run high during critical playoff games.

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Montgomery calls out Tkachuk for cheap shot on Pastrnak
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Jim Montgomery calls for Matthew Tkachuk to be suspended after this

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