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Announcement involving Brandon Carlo is bad news for the Bruins

Published May 6, 2024 at 11:24

Boston Bruins defenseman Brandon Carlo has raised concerns among fans after not participating in this morning's skate.

Carlo ended up leaving game 6 with an undisclosed injury, but was good to go for game 7 where the Bruins would end up eliminating the Toronto Maple Leafs. His current status casts a shadow over the team's lineup.

The Bruins, who are gearing up to face the Florida Panthers tonight, might have to do so without one of their key players. Carlo's absence from the morning skate is not a good sign, particularly given his crucial role in the team's defense.

While there's hope that this could merely be a routine day off for maintenance, the lack of official confirmation has left fans and teammates in suspense.

Brandon Carlo is not on for the AM skate.

As the Bruins prepare for another tough matchup, the absence of Brandon Carlo could be a significant setback. Stay tuned for updates on his condition as the game approaches.

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Announcement involving Brandon Carlo is bad news for the Bruins

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