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Marchand Issues A Statement Responding To Montgomery's Message

Published March 25, 2024 at 1:44 PM

Monday's practice session for the Boston Bruins unfolded amidst a cloud of disappointment following consecutive defeats against the New York Rangers and Philadelphia Flyers. Head coach Jim Montgomery's response was swift and resolute, as he pushed his team through rigorous drills, punctuated by stern rebukes echoing across the rink.

"It's one of those things," admitted Brad Marchand. "Every day it's our job to be sharp and to be on the ball and we weren't today. It's a great reminder from Monty that expectations are high here. Completely warranted, especially with the games we have coming up."

Marchand further praised Montgomery for holding the team accountable when necessary.
"We need to be dialed in every day and we weren't for the start of practice," he confessed. "So great job by him to notice that and keep us accountable and get us dialed in."

When asked if he feels the locker room received the message, Marchand replied in the affirmative.
"Yeah, I think so,"
he said.

Montgomery's tough-love approach underscored the urgency as the playoffs loomed closer. Despite the intense scrutiny, Bruins captain Brad Marchand welcomed Montgomery's intervention, acknowledging the team's need for heightened focus. Marchand's endorsement of Montgomery's accountability-driven coaching signals a collective acknowledgment within the locker room. The Bruins must now heed Montgomery's rallying cry as they brace for upcoming challenges on the ice.

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Marchand Issues A Statement Responding To Montgomery's Message

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