Brad Marchand shoving NHL ref
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NHL reaches verdict on Brad Marchand shoving ref ahead of game 7

Published May 4, 2024 at 0:30

The last game between the Boston Bruins and the Toronto Maple Leafs took a dramatic turn in the first period when Bruins Captain Brad Marchand lost his cool. During a line change, Marchand collided with a linesman near the Bruins bench. Instead of avoiding contact, he shoved the linesman.

Despite the clear rule violation, the officials chose not to penalize Marchand. This incident occurred right after Marchand had been separated from Maple Leafs forward Tyler Bertuzzi, adding to the controversy.

Many fans expected Marchand to face consequences for his actions, especially considering NHL rules on physical contact with officials. However, the league decided not to issue any supplemental discipline for Marchand's shove.

It's officially after 5 pm and it's clear the NHL won't be issuing any supplemental discipline for his shove on the linesman. This is a clear violation of rule 40.1, but the league has decided to ignore it.

This decision raised eyebrows, as the NHL has previously fined players and coaches for similar behaviour. Marchand's history of on-ice incidents added to the surprise over the league's decision to overlook this violation.

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NHL reaches decision on Brad Marchand's shoving a linesman.
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NHL reaches verdict on Brad Marchand shoving ref ahead of game 7

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