Pat Maroon and Kevin Shattenkirk
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Pat Maroon and Kevin Shattenkirk dropped banger quotes ahead of game 7

Published May 4, 2024 at 11:24

As Game 7 looms large, Bruins players Pat Maroon and Kevin Shattenkirk have offered words of wisdom. Shattenkirk stressed the importance of confronting the pressure head-on rather than evading it.

Shattenkirk on a Game 7: «You meet it head-on. You don't run from it.»

Meanwhile, Maroon's approach is refreshingly simple: he focuses on the game itself, sidestepping the anxiety that can accompany such high-stakes matchups.

Pat Maroon, asked about how to deal with nerves in a Game 7: "You're talking to the wrong guy. I just play."

Their perspectives underscore the significance of mental resilience in playoff hockey. As the Bruins prepare for this crucial game, their mindset will play a vital role in their performance on the ice.

Additionally, there's a historical element at play. If the Bruins lose tonight, they risk etching an unwanted mark in NHL history. Last year, they surrendered a 3-1 series lead to the Florida Panthers, a collapse they're keen to avoid repeating. With this history in mind, the Bruins are determined to showcase their best game for a full 60 minutes, aiming to rewrite their playoff narrative and secure victory in Game 7.
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Pat Maroon and Kevin Shattenkirk dropped banger quotes ahead of game 7

Will the Bruins blow another 3-1 lead?

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