Bettman helping out toronto

Published May 21, 2023 at 12:31

The search for a new general manager (GM) has brought together an unexpected alliance in the Maple Leafs organization.

Bettman and Shanahan Join Forces

In their quest for a new GM, Brendan Shanahan has enlisted the help of Gary Bettman. This collaboration is a brilliant move by Shanahan, recognizing that Bettman has extensive connections within the NHL community.

Given their GM wish list, Bettman is well-equipped to identify the best candidate for the Leafs. Additionally, he may even propose a candidate that the Leafs had not previously considered.

Potential Candidates on Bettman's Radar

While there are numerous strong contenders for the position of Leafs GM, three individuals stand out.

Firstly, there is Brad Treliving, the former GM of the Flames. Treliving remains a top candidate for various teams and is likely to secure a role within the NHL next season.

Another notable figure is Eric Tulsky, the current Assistant GM of the Hurricanes. Tulsky is widely regarded as a rising star in the industry and a potential future GM. He is recognized for his groundbreaking work in advanced analytics within the NHL.

Lastly, Brandon Pridham, the current acting GM for the Leafs, presents himself as a viable candidate. If Pridham demonstrates exceptional performance as the Assistant GM during this period, the Leafs' ownership may consider him the solution they have been seeking.

In the pursuit of a new GM, the combined insights of Bettman and Shanahan offer the Maple Leafs a valuable advantage as they navigate this crucial decision.
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