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The worst is confirmed for Leafs star William Nylander

Published April 26, 2024 at 10:24

During the Maple Leafs' playoff games against the Bruins, one important player, William Nylander, has yet to play a game. At first, people weren't sure why.

Some said it was because of a problem with his upper body, while others thought it might be a head injury like a concussion.

Now, Elliotte Friedman from Sportsnet has given an update. He says Nylander's not playing because of bad migraines, not a concussion. Doctors checked him to be sure.

"According to multiple sources, William Nylander's absence from the Toronto lineup has to do with a migraine so severe that team doctors tested to see if he suffered a concussion. One of the reasons for the secrecy around his situation is that an actual diagnosis has been hard to come by, whether it is a migraine, a concussion or something else that could affect that area."
-Friedman's official report on Nylander

This isn't the first time Nylander has had migraines. He had them before in 2022. They're really painful headaches.

Missing games because of migraines makes sense. They're so bad that it's hard to play hockey with one.

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Insider confirms full details of William Nylander's mysterious ailment
April 26   |   438 answers
The worst is confirmed for Leafs star William Nylander

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