Andrew Raycroft Almost Dressed For Bruins Saturday.

Published January 22, 2019 at 12:31

Boston Bruins fans last saw goalie Andrew Raycroft in a Bruins uniform during the 2015 Winter Classic Alumni game.

The last time Raycroft actually played any meaningful hockey was back in 2013-14 and it wasn't even in the NHL , it was in the Swedish league, but he came close to being thrown in the mix on Saturday. 

When Tuukka Rask unfortunately went down due to concussion, the Bruins were left scrambling and luckily their emergency backup Raycroft, was already in the building. 

Raycroft was doing a television hit when the team called him trying to get him ready. 

The team eventually had to send an Uber to his house during a snowstorm to get his equipment. 

Once the equipment was brought back to TD Garden, it was a nervous night for Raycroft

"Literally, four times I've had on my equipment since I've finished playing," he said. "I was shaking for at least 15 minutes of the second period, and then by the third, I was thinking no way this was possible."

With shakes like that, it's probably a good thing Raycroft didn't have to step on the ice!
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