Brad Marchand Comments On McAvoy.

Published January 7, 2019 at 3:20 PM

It's been an interesting Monday when it comes to the Boston Bruins. 

It all stems from some recent comments by NBC Sports Boston's Joe Haggerty that the Bruins could be unhappy with Charlie McAvoy. Haggerty's reasoning was that McAvoy keeps missing so much action on the ice. 

Then Boston Globe's Kevin DuPont took it one step further and reported on a couple of incidents in regards to McAvoy where he was late for meetings and a team bus. DuPont claimed that those incidents rubbed the organization the wrong way. 

Cam Neely was forced to comment on it during an interview and now Brad Marchand has decided to step up to bat for his teammate while speaking with NBCSports Boston. 

"Chucky is a great kid and an awesome teammate. He's a very good person, very good teammate and very good kid, and he's going to be a great hockey player for this team for a long time. But everybody goes through things where you're coming in as a new guy, and you have to learn the way and the ropes," said Marchand to "Things like that happen. It was documented that it happened to [Seguin] his first couple of years here, and it definitely happened to me my first couple of years here. When you're a kid and you get that responsibility and you go from living with billets or your family to living by yourself, sometimes something might happen when you're late here or there.

"It came about [on the "Pick Up"] because we were just joking around in the car about Santa Claus. It's not an issue in the room, and it wasn't really necessary for [Globe reporter] Kevin Paul DuPont to make it an issue. Chucky is a great teammate and great player for this team, and it's a non-issue for this room. It was just something that sometimes you need to learn along the way. It's not like we're worried about Chucky in any kind of way, or anything like that."

What do you think of Marchand's comments?
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