BREAKING Zdeno Chara Retires From Hockey Signs With Celtics.

Published April 1, 2018 at 12:01

A shocking turn of events in Boston on Sunday morning. 

While currently sidelined with an upper body injury and having just signed a 1 year contract extension, the Boston Bruins captain has decided to retire from hockey. 

Adding to the drama, the 6'9" defenseman has signed a 1 year contract with the Boston Celtics and is expected to play on Tuesday against the Milwaukee Bucks. 

Chara mentioned that hockey has kept in him prime shape and will have no problem adjusting to basketball. 

The Celtics feel that his playoff experience during the extremely tense NHL playoffs will bring great experience to a young Celtics team getting ready for a playoff run of their own. The team also mentioned that he'll likely come off the bench and split time between both center and power forward. 

The Bruins have yet to release a statement and forward Brad Marchand would only say that he's absolutely shocked by Chara's decision. 

A press conference is expected to be held on Monday. 

The news was originally reported by Fox Sports' April Foolington. 
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