Bruce Cassidy Apologizes To Charlie Coyle.

Published March 8, 2019 at 10:40

The Boston Bruins victory against the Florida Panthers was simply amazing last night.

If you've been paying attention during the Bruins home stand, you've definitely noticed that Charlie Coyle didn't get participate in an NHL tradition. 

Coyle wasn't able to take an opening faceoff in his hometown debut because of a certain streak the Bruins had going on. 

The Bruins fourth line has gotten the team off to great starts so Cassidy didn't want to mess with that and apologized to Coyle. 

"I'm not really superstitious. I have started the same — I think during this whole streak, or most of it — (Noel) Acciari, sort of that line has started," Cassidy said. "I apologized to Charlie Coyle. First game here back in Boston, I told him I can't mess with the streak, but that was like two weeks ago, whatever it was. Typically, you want to start a guy in his hometown. But we'll start him in Minnesota whether we have a streak or not. We'll give him that. We'll give it back to him, but other than that no. Just go to work and enjoy."

The Bruins play the Minnesota Wild in Minny on April 4th. 
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