Bruce Cassidy Says Ryan Donato Hasn't Earned A Spot.

Published October 12, 2018 at 11:46

The Boston Bruins outplayed the Edmonton Oilers on Thursday night and looked like a well oiled machine. 

It was a team effort from start to finish which saw them straight up outplaying the Oilers, except one young forward was watching from the press box. 

Head coach Bruce Cassidy decided to make Ryan Donato a healthy scratch in favour of Joakim Nordstrom. The B's head coach explained that Ryan Donato isn't guaranteed a roster spot and needs to play better. 

"It's fairly straightforward. We're not set on who is going to be our 13th forward and we're looking at different combinations," said Cassidy. "At the end of the day [the message] is ‘to play better.' That's usually the last message if guys are confused and he's not by any means. But if that's the case, you say, ‘Listen, you just need to earn your spot and keep it.'

"How do you play better? For me I thought the last game his details weren't great. That's on us to make them better and teach him. Some of that is him picking it up, but we're going to meet halfway on that one."

Donato had registered a power play goal so far this season in the three games he played however is also sitting at a -2 +/- rating and only has four shots on goal. 
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