Cassidy Calls Convo Telling Backes He's Scratched One Of The Hardest Of His Life.

Published January 16, 2019 at 2:00 PM

Boston Bruins head coach Bruce Cassidy announced this morning that he was making veteran forward David Backes a healthy scratch tonight. 

While it might have been easy to announce it to the media, it definitely wasn't easy announcing it to Backes himself. 

Cassidy called the conversation "one of the more difficult ones" as a head coach. 

"This one was one of the more difficult ones. This guy's been a captain in the National Hockey League, a real good soldier, good player for a long time in this league. But honesty is the best policy, I believe, and we judge our lineup on performance first and other factors, how does the chemistry work. And in this particular case we're looking for a player to go up on that second line and find some consistency so we're giving another player a chance. I think David would be a great fit with Acciari, Wagner and Kuraly but they've played pretty really well. They all sat at the beginning of the year so you can't punish them to reward another. So that's the difficult part of it. We had it and hopefully things sort themselves out and we go forward."

Cassidy added that it's possible Backes is back in the lineup tomorrow as the Bruins have back to back games.

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