Cassidy Calls Out Team After Loss To Panthers.

Published December 5, 2018 at 12:27

The Boston Bruins have been struggling to score goals, before last night's game Boston had only scored more than two goals once in their last eight games. 

Then they played Florida last night.... and got shut out. 

The Bruins' powerplay was a mess, even giving up a shorty and the team played soft all game.

Following the game head coach Bruce Cassidy was embarrassed by his team's effort. 

"Tonight it was men against boys at times it looked like. Some of our players really had their hands full," said Cassidy. "We've got our collective selves together for Thursday because we have a very good opponent coming up [in the Tampa Bay Lightning]. There are no easy answers. What we've over the last few weeks as we've been depleted in the blue line is that we've stayed in games, played good team defense, got good goaltending and our power play has picked us up when we needed it."

Forward David Backes just felt the team got sidetracked and didn't play their game. 

"Tonight was one of those nights where I don't think we played to our identity of what makes us successful," said David Backes. "[We're usually] being on the inside of pucks and being the more determined team to go in, get the puck in a good spot and win more battles than we lose. When they won more pucks than we did, they made us pay."

The team needs to focus because Tampa Bay won't be easy at all. 
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