Did Torey Krug Just Reveal He Won't Re-Sign With Boston?

Published April 8, 2020 at 7:20 PM

One of the biggest question marks regarding the Boston Bruins besides when their season will resume, is if one of their top defensemen will stick around. 

Torey Krug is set to be UFA after the season and there's lots of speculation he'll be leaving Boston.

Some chatter says Krug can easily make $8-9million a season on the open market and lots of insiders believe he'll sign with the Detroit Red Wings. 

Krug himself might have hinted that he won't be returning to Boston for the 2020-21 season. 

When asked about how he would feel if the season was canceled, Krug might have slipped up and revealed he won't be back. 

"For me personally, I really hope I did not play my last game as a Boston Bruin," Krug said on a conference call Tuesday, per "It's been a special place for me and my family to grow and my love for the game and playing in front of these fans, it's been very special to me."

Krug himself has confirmed that there's been no extension talk at all between the Bruins and himself.

"We haven't had any talks since this thing has started. I can't speak for any other UFA that's in a position like I am, but in terms of my situation here in Boston, we haven't continued any talks or made any progress in that regard."

Various pending UFA's have signed extensions with their current teams across the league. 
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