Evander Kane Takes Shot At NHL For Not Suspending Chara.

Published February 27, 2019 at 11:41

The Boston Bruins took it to the San Jose Sharks last night in an important matchup for both teams as they fight for a playoff spot. 

The highlight of the game though was Zdeno Chara taking it to Evander Kane and sending a message to the rest of the NHL that he's still not to be messed with. 

After taking a hit from Chara, Kane jumped Chara from behind and tried to get the best of him, however Chara didn't let that happen and took it to Kane. 

Kane wasn't happy with the hit saying it was a hit to the head and Chara should be suspended. 

When it was revealed that Chara wouldn't have a hearing for the hit, Kane took to Twitter to post a picture of three blind mice. 

Salty much?

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