Former Bruin Nick Boynton Calls His Life After Hockey "A Living Hell".

Published June 14, 2018 at 12:27

The issues regarding concussions in the NHL has been a topic that continues to grow bigger over the last couple of years. 

Former NHLers have been speaking out recently about issues they currently suffer because of concussions. 

The latest to blow up social media thanks to an article he wrote for ThePlayersTribune is former Boston Bruins defenseman Nick Boynton. 

The story is extremely sad as Boynton has been struggling so hard with life after hockey and isn't sure what awaits him. 

"It's tough to think about sometimes, to be honest, because I love the game of hockey. Literally all I wanted to do in life — from the time I was super little and just trying to keep my balance out on the frozen pond in the backyard — was play in the NHL," Boynton wrote, calling his life after hockey "a living hell."
"When I sit back and really think about it honestly, I usually come to the conclusion that hockey hasn't been a good thing for me overall. And the money? Well, that can only get you so far, you know what I mean? And it certainly can't fix your brain," he continued.

Boynton says he would give up his Stanley Cup ring if he could go back to life without his current concussion problems. He also mentions that he won't allow his three year old son to play hockey until things change. 
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