Sweeney Expects Some Trade Activity.

Published June 11, 2018 at 11:34

With the 2017-18 Stanley Cup playoffs officially over, it's time for all the fun stuff to begin. 

First up is the NHL Draft in Dallas on June 22nd, teams will start making trades before then and of course we can expect some trades on the draft floor. 

There's been plenty of buzz regarding the Bruins making a move or two and general manager Don Sweeney expects some movement.

"There's a sense that there will be some activity. I think in around the draft, there are several teams with multiple picks, say in the top 50, so I think there will be some jockeying. There are some teams that have made some coaching changes. I think there's opportunity to explore player transactions at this time," said Sweeney. "Everybody is sort of anticipating what the cap and how much it's going to go up, and whether that will dramatically affect anybody's decision making. There's some big numbers and some players that teams are going to look to sign that could impact. 

"We've got players that we may look at our earlier stage, so those all could be impactful things and decision in planning of your own player movement, plus outside player movementbut there has been some chatter."

What do you think of Sweeney's comments, do you think we'll see a flurry of activity after the cap is announced?
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