Rich Peverley Had Advice For Charlie McAvoy Regarding Heart Condition.

Published January 29, 2018 at 12:07

Boston Bruins young star Charlie McAvoy was sidelined recently when he had to deal with some health issues. 

Luckily for McAvoy, his condition wasn't considered to be dangerous to his health despite the need for surgery, however it could have recurred at any time and caused "significant symptoms" if it wasn't treated. 

A former Bruin who's all too familiar with irregular heartbeats and health issues is Rich Peverley, and all he wanted to see was the Bruins handle it immediately and properly. 

"I know the doctors that he has in Boston are great. He's lucky that he's got great doctors. I reached out to them when I was going through everything for that trust factor and the [great] reputation," said Peverley. "You want to get it right. It sounds as if they're taking great precautionary steps to get it right the first time. That's really importantget it right the first time so you don't have to deal with it anymore.
"Jonas Gustavsson had a similar heart condition and he stopped and fixed the situation, and he didn't have any issues going forward. If that's the case with Charlie then I think it's a great idea: Get it right now, fix the situation and then hopefully it's something you don't ever have to deal with going forward."

As for Peverley himself, everything seems to be back on track after some scary incidents. He's currently in the Dallas Stars organization as head of their player development.

He still misses the NHL, but appreciates his health more than anything. 

With McAvoy expected to be a Bruins workhorse for a long, long time, let's hope the Bruins got it right like Peverley says. 
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