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The NHL Is Set To Announce A Major Change To This Rule

Published March 19, 2024 at 1:55 PM

Amidst the gathering of NHL General Managers in sunny Palm Beach, Florida, discussions have been buzzing with league-related topics, ranging from rule tweaks to suspension protocols and handling Long Term Injured Reserve cases. One hotly debated issue? The delay of game penalty triggered by puck-over-glass incidents.

Following an extensive session, NHL Senior Executive and Vice President, Colin Campbell, took to the mic to share insights with reporters. Campbell delved into the nuances of the discussions, pondering potential changes to the penalty system and considering the impact on teams and fans.

«We discussed puck-over-glass and discussed it pretty thoroughly today,» said Campbell. «We discussed: Should we look at taking a penalty down and adding a penalty, or just taking a penalty down (based on review)? Because it's tough after a game when you added a penalty that wasn't (called) a penalty (in real time). That's real hard for the fans of a team to take.»

Insider scoops from Darren Dreger hinted at a possible transformation, envisioning the puck-over-glass delay of game penalty morphing into a Coach's Challenge.

As these proposals wind their way through the competition committee and the board, the fate of this rule hangs in the balance, awaiting official endorsement.
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The NHL Is Set To Announce A Major Change To This Rule

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