Tuukka Rask Calls Himself Out After Loss To Penguins.

Published January 8, 2018 at 11:39

The Boston Bruins took a tough 6-5 loss in overtime to the Pittsburgh Penguins on Sunday night. 

After putting together a Vezina looking streak of games, the bad and ugly Tuukka Rask showed up last night in the loss. 

Rask looked completely lost at times including giving up a pair of goals off long distance shots and topped it off with giving up a really soft goal in the third period which tied the game. 

"I was horseshit all day," Rask said, according to Joe McDonald of Boston Sports Journal. "All night I felt like shit and didn't see the puck. I wasn't sharp ... (I let in) weak goals."

Despite the weak goals he still kept the Bruins in the game, as the team started to run out of gas in the third period Rask did make 16 saves and stopped 29 of 35 overall. 

It was hopefully just a bump in the road for the Bruins goalie who's been having a great season otherwise with a .920 save percentage over 27 games so far this season. 

He'll have plenty of time to analyze the effort with the Bruins on their bye week until Saturday when they play the Montreal Canadiens for the first time this season. 
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