David Pastrnak leads the NHL in a worrying category

MAR 14, 2023   |   BY DORIN CANADAY
If it wasn't for Connor McDavid having a historic season, Bruins winger David Pastrnak would have an excellent chance at winning the Hart Trophy for the Most Valuable Player in the league.

At this rate, Pastrnak will (or should be) one of the top three finalists for the award but as the OnlyBruins Podcast recently pointed out on Twitter, there's one ‘'worrying'' statistic that he currently tops the NHL in.

I understand pasta leads the league in turnovers but look at the names in Close company. It's going to happen when the best player on a team has the puck on his stick often. Pasta will get better every year with it and he will continue to score. Breath #NHLBruins fans

As OnlyBruins also noted, most of the leaders in giveaways are the top players in the league, because they have the puck the most. Brad Marchand also ranks in the top-20 with 61, but the two Bruins are one and three among the same field in plus/minus.

The only difference regarding Pasta is the extra stick-handling moves he sometimes makes that lead to turnovers. Such as his big one against the Red Wings on Sunday:

When it comes down to it, however, Pastrnak is paid the big bucks for his offense, and he does that very well. The 26-year-old is second in the league in goals (46) and fourth in points (88).