Sheldon Keefe and Jim Montgomery
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Sheldon Keefe and Jim Montgomery take shots at each other

Published April 26, 2024 at 11:24

In recent games, the Bruins' goalie, Jeremy Swayman, has been causing trouble for the Toronto Maple Leafs. He's won six straight games against them, including five this season. His stats speak volumes: a .964 save percentage and 1.70 goals against average in this year alone.

So, it's no surprise that Bruins coach Jim Montgomery is considering starting him for Game 4.

Montgomery hinted that Max Domi's push on Swayman during a timeout in Game 3 was a sign of frustration from the Leafs. He thinks Swayman might be getting into their heads.

''When [Max] Domi goes off the bench and bumps him on purpose, makes me think that maybe he's in their head a little bit''

But Leafs coach Sheldon Keefe doesn't agree. He doesn't see any frustration from his team and thinks it's just playoff hockey.

After Jim Montgomery suggests Max Domi's bump on Jeremy Swayman is a sign Swayman is in the #leafs head, Sheldon Keefe says: "With that logic you would say every time they bump into one of our guys maybe we're in their heads. I don't think that has anything to do with anything."

However, Toronto's struggles aren't just about Swayman. They've had plenty of chances, especially on power plays, but they haven't capitalized. In Game 3, they had five power plays and couldn't score on any of them.

Throughout the series, they've only managed one power play goal out of eleven opportunities. That's not good enough, and it could cost them the series if they don't improve.

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Rivalry heats up between Sheldon Keefe and Bruins coach Jim Montgomery
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Sheldon Keefe and Jim Montgomery take shots at each other

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