Charlie Coyle Posts Inspirational Message For City Of Boston.

Published April 16, 2020 at 10:24

Boston Bruins forward Charlie Coyle hasn't been a member of the Bruins for a really long time but he really understands the city of Boston. 

The East Weymouth native knows about "Boston Strong" and how everything changed seven years ago. 

"I remember that day [of the bombings, April 15, 2013] and everybody affected by it. It was such a crazy time. Really hard times. To see everybody come together made you very proud to be from this area, to be from Boston," said Coyle. "All the people and Boston Strong, and that whole aspect make you want to keep living by that [motto]. "

Coyle believes the current situation the world is going through needs everybody to come together in the same way. 

"What we're going through now is another obstacle that we all have to come together to do our part and get past this to overcome it."

The B's froward has been really inspired by what he's seen from people during the coronavirus pandemic. 

"In these hard times, it helps bring everybody together working toward a common goal. We all know what that is right now. I'd love to get back to our normal lives, and for me, that's playing hockey and doing something I love to do. I know everybody else it's the same thing. People are getting laid off from their jobs and they are scratching and clawing to provide for themselves and their families. You don't want to see that happen. But that's where we're at right now, so [it's about] everybody helping each other. You see a lot of it right now. There's a lot of great people that are doing their part to help out. You see everybody coming together in these tough times. It says a lot about where we're all from and about Boston as a whole."

Stay strong Boston!
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