Could Cassidy Make Chara A Healthy Scratch?

Published February 8, 2019 at 12:40

The Boston Bruins window is looking pretty good right now and they have to take advantage. 

Patrice Bergeron, Zdeno Chara, Tuukka Rask and David Krejci have lots of mileage on them and the Bruins have to take advantage. 

The mileage on David Backes has started to show as he's been made a healthy scratch a couple of times so far this season by head coach Bruce Cassidy. 

While Backes was scratched not just for rest but also for his lack of effort, could Cassidy make Chara a scratch down the stretch to give him some rest. 

"It may come to that," Cassidy said. "That'll be a discussion I have with Zee. He prides himself in his fitness, so he will not be amenable to that, I'll tell you that right now. He's a proud athlete, wants to play every night. If it's best for this hockey club and the Boston Bruins then we'll do it. I don't think we'll do it tomorrow, but at some point, we'll have to look at it, discuss it with the person." 

Do you like the idea of scratching Chara for rest?
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