David Backes Might Refuse To Join Providence.

Published January 19, 2020 at 2:08 PM

While it's a move some had been calling for, it was still a surprise when the Boston Bruins placed David Backes on waivers. 

Backes and his $6million cap hit cleared waivers and he's now been assigned to Providence. 

Will he report?

That's a question that we'll only find out the answer in a couple of weeks. 

NBC Sport's Joe Haggerty reports that Backes isn't ready to make that decision yet. 

Haggerty writes that Backes will wait until after the All-Star Break and Bruins' bye week to make the decision. 

After the Bruins play the Golden Knights on Tuesday, they won't play again until January 31. 

If Backes decides not to report, there's a small chance he could agree to mutually terminate his contract. While Backes carries a $6million cap hit, he's only getting an actual $1million in salary this year but will make $3million in actual salary next year. 

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