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Brad Marchand Sends A Major Message To The Bruins

Published March 10, 2024 at 8:33 PM

The Boston Bruins are gearing up for the postseason, and if there were any doubts about their mindset, Captain Brad Marchand's recent comments should put them to rest. Following the Bruins' victory over the Pittsburgh Penguins at TD Garden, Marchand delivered a clear message about the team's approach.

"We know what we have as a group," Marchand stated emphatically. "We've known that from day one, and regardless of how analytics look at our group, we believe in what we have. If we execute the proper way, we have a great team."

Marchand emphasized the importance of staying true to their identity and playing to their strengths. "We get away from that and think we're highly skilled team? We shoot ourselves in the foot. That's not what our group is, it's not how we've won at all this year."

The Bruins have always prided themselves on their teamwork and structured play.
"We win by committee, we win by structure. We've won by playing great defense. That's how we've always done it,"
Marchand added.

His words come at a crucial time for the team, with the roster taking shape after Friday's trade deadline. The addition of new faces brings fresh energy, but the core message remains unchanged.

"We've believed in our group from day one, and we still do," Marchand affirmed. "It's not about how you do in the regular season. It's about how you do in playoffs. You just have to get there and anything can happen."

The veteran forward stressed the importance of focusing on their game and not getting distracted by external factors.
"There's so many different variables even when you get to that point that allows teams to have success or not. We worry about what we can and that's playing the right way."

Marchand's words serve as a rallying cry for the Bruins as they prepare for the challenges ahead. With their eyes set on postseason success, they remain steadfast in their belief in each other and their style of play. As the regular season winds down, the Bruins are primed to make a statement when it matters most.

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Brad Marchand Sends A Major Message To The Bruins

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