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The Boston Bruins Have Revealed Their Top Trade Targets

Published February 17, 2024 at 10:54

With the NHL trade deadline approaching on March 8, the Boston Bruins are eyeing potential additions to their defensive lineup to enhance their Stanley Cup contention status in the Eastern Conference.

While General Manager Don Sweeney may not pursue a high-stakes strategy like last season, reinforcing the blue line seems prudent for a deep postseason run.

Among the targets is Noah Hanifin, a Massachusetts native and a seasoned defenseman for the Calgary Flames. With impressive stats and impending free agency, Hanifin could be a valuable asset if Calgary opts to trade him.

Another option is Ilya Lyubushkin from the Anaheim Ducks, known for his physical presence and penalty-killing prowess. His contract status aligns with Boston's timeline for contention.

Lastly, Sean Walker of the Philadelphia Flyers stands out for his consistent performance this season, offering both offensive contributions and defensive reliability.

While these acquisitions could bolster Boston's defensive depth, the team's limited salary cap space presents a challenge for Sweeney to orchestrate these moves effectively before the trade deadline.

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The Boston Bruins Have Revealed Their Top Trade Targets

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