Evander Kane and Corey Perry getting into a argument
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Corey Perry rips into Evander Kane in a heated exchange on bench

Published April 7, 2024 at 12:30

During the Oilers vs. Flames game, former Chicago Blackhawk Corey Perry stirred up drama on the Oilers bench.

As the second period wound down, cameras captured Perry engaged in a heated argument with teammate Evander Kane. Perry appeared visibly upset, but the reason behind the confrontation remains a mystery.

EDM CGY G76. April 6, 2024. Corey Perry upset after scrum. 🎥: Sportsnet | NHL

Kevin Bieksa, a former teammate, remarked on Perry's unusual behavior, noting that he rarely exhibits such agitation towards teammates. This unexpected outburst has left many wondering what transpired to trigger Perry's anger.

"I can tell you from playing with Perry, he doesn't do this very often. He doesn't yell at teammates, he doesn't get this fired up on the bench, he's usually in his own little world."
Said Bieksa.

Speculation arose that the altercation stemmed from a previous misplay by Kane during the period. However, without concrete details, the incident has sparked discussion and raised concerns, particularly given Perry's history with Chicago.

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Corey Perry snaps and goes after his own teammate on Oilers bench

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Corey Perry rips into Evander Kane in a heated exchange on bench

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