Rangers and Flyers fighting

Nic Deslauriers And Matt Rempe Get Into Heavy Weight Tilt

Published February 24, 2024 at 5:50 PM

In a gritty showdown on Saturday afternoon, New York Rangers rookie forward Matthew Rempe clashed with Philadelphia Flyers veteran forward Nicolas Deslauriers, leaving both players battered and bruised. The altercation began during warmups when Deslauriers initiated a confrontation with Rempe, setting the stage for an intense bout on the ice.

Despite his status as a newcomer to the NHL, Rempe showed no fear against the seasoned Deslauriers. The rookie stood toe-to-toe with the veteran, exchanging blows in a relentless display of determination. For several intense moments, Rempe matched Deslauriers blow for blow, refusing to back down.

The ferocious battle finally came to an end when Deslauriers managed to bring Rempe to the ice. As both players retreated to the penalty box, signs of the grueling encounter were evident, underscoring the physical toll of their clash.

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Nic Deslauriers And Matt Rempe Get Into Heavy Weight Tilt

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