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Trevor Zegras Throws A Tantrum And Breaks NHL Equipment

Published March 29, 2024 at 12:01

Tuesday night marked Anaheim Ducks star forward Trevor Zegras' return from an ankle injury sustained in early January, sidelining him for surgery and recovery.

His comeback against the Seattle Kraken aimed to reverse a 4-0 loss suffered the previous game.

However, frustration mounted during the match as Zegras received penalties in the third period, leading to a visible outburst in the penalty box, where he vented his anger by damaging the camera.

Trevor Zegras took out his frustration after taking a double-minor in the 3rd by smashing the penalty box camera 😳

Despite the setback, the Ducks tied the game. Zegras' return game lacked point contributions, ending in a 4-2 defeat, encapsulating a challenging season for both him and the team.

As seen on Trevor Zegras flips out and breaks NHL property in frustration!
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Trevor Zegras Throws A Tantrum And Breaks NHL Equipment

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