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Former Boston Bruin Officially Signs Another Contract

Published February 16, 2024 at 0:03

Jaroslav Halak, the seasoned NHL goalie, is poised to return to his roots, reportedly striking a deal with his hometown team, Slovan Bratislava.

The agreement comes after Slovan announced that Halak would join them for two weeks of practice, followed by a contract decision by month's end. Reflecting on the opportunity, Halak expressed gratitude, emphasizing his desire to contribute to the club's success.

"I greatly appreciate Slovan's interest in my services. It is the club from which I bounced back to great overseas hockey. That is also why I would like to be absolutely correct and open to the club management, my future teammates and last but not least to Slovan's fans at this moment . I realize that I have not stood in goal in a competitive match for more than ten months, even though I have tried to keep myself in good physical condition all this time. We have agreed with the management of Slovan that I will come to the club and sign a proper contract only if I will pass a thorough medical examination without any problems and my body will confirm that it is 100% ready to undergo the load in the matches that await the club at the peak of the season," said Jaroslav Halák on the transfer.

As anticipation mounts, fans ponder the prospect of witnessing the 39-year-old goaltender vie for championship glory in the city where his remarkable career began.

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Former Boston Bruin Officially Signs Another Contract

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