Bruins Asset Will Be Out The Door Come Season-Start

Austin Sabourin
May 23, 2023  (1:14 PM)

With the arrival of free agency coming, it's time to shift our focus to the cream of the crop among NHL defensemen on the open market.

After analyzing the goaltending situation, it's now time to delve into the top three blue-liners who will be up for grabs this offseason, and a Boston Bruins defensemen has sadly landed on the list. Despite him being a UFA, Bruins fans hoped he would re-sign with the team due to the value the organization forked up at the NHL's last trade-deadline.
Dmitry Orlov
The standout defenseman who stands head and shoulders above the rest. At 31 years old, Orlov possesses an impressive track record, with just a single season tarnishing his otherwise stellar 11-year career in terms of plus/minus ratings. Remarkably, that outlier occurred a decade ago, highlighting his consistent excellence on the ice.
While expressing his desire to return to the Washington Capitals, where he spent an illustrious 10 and a half seasons, Orlov hasn't ruled out the possibility of donning a Boston Bruins jersey once again, given his recent stint with them. Nonetheless, numerous suitors are likely to vie for his services, making this an enticing situation to monitor.
Next on our list is...
Vladislav Gavrikov
A name generating significant buzz and disappearing off the market in the blink of an eye. Reports suggest that the Los Angeles Kings and Gavrikov are actively engaged in negotiations for a contract extension, with both parties aiming to prolong their partnership.
The 27-year-old Russian defenseman, who arrived in Hollywood via a trade with the Columbus Blue Jackets just before the deadline, made an immediate impact.
In a mere 20 games for the Kings, Gavrikov boasted an impressive plus-12 rating, notched nine points, and shouldered an average ice time exceeding 21 minutes per game. The Kings are undoubtedly hoping that Gavrikov's impressive tenure was more than a brief cameo. However, in the event that a deal cannot be reached, a multitude of teams will undoubtedly be knocking on his door, eager to secure his services for their defensive corps.
Lastly, we shift our attention to...
Damon Severson
The New Jersey Devils' longest-tenured defenseman. Could this offseason mark the end of an era for Severson after nine seasons with the Devils? The emergence of top defensive prospects Luke Hughes and Simon Nemec looms large, potentially spelling the end of Severson's time in New Jersey. The 28-year-old experienced a slight decrease in ice time this season, hovering just below the 20-minute mark per game. Furthermore, his point production dipped to its lowest level in five seasons, leading to a demotion to the third defensive pairing for a significant portion of the campaign. With these factors in play, it remains to be seen whether Severson will continue his journey with the Devils or explore new opportunities elsewhere.
As free agency draws near, the fate of these three defensemen hangs in the balance. NHL teams will be eagerly assessing their options, weighing the potential impact and value these players can bring to their respective blue lines. Stay tuned as the offseason drama unfolds, and the future destinations of these talented defensemen are ultimately determined.

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Bruins Asset Will Be Out The Door Come Season-Start

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