Brad Marchand and Sidney Crosby

Teams Captain Throws Their General Manager Under The Bus

Published March 10, 2024 at 8:44 PM

In the early days of a relationship, there's usually a lot of excitement and happiness, known as the "honeymoon period." When the Pittsburgh Penguins brought Kyle Dubas on board as President of Hockey Operations and General Manager, many thought it was a great fit. But now, about nine months into his role, things might not be as rosy.

A recent trade where Jake Guentzel was sent to the Carolina Hurricanes for Michael Bunting got people talking. Sidney Crosby, a key player for the Penguins, responded to questions about the trade in a way that made some wonder about his feelings.

Some folks are speculating that Crosby might want to leave Pittsburgh after this trade. They think he might not be happy with Dubas's plans for the team. But others think Crosby is loyal and will stick it out, especially since he's one of the best players in Penguins history.

No matter what people think, there's a feeling of sympathy for Crosby. He's put a lot of effort into the team, turning them from underdogs into contenders. Sidney Crosby doesn't owe anyone anything; his legacy speaks for itself. We hope that when he eventually retires, he'll do it as a Penguin, one last time.

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Teams Captain Throws Their General Manager Under The Bus

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