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Ryan Reaves destroys Michael Pezzetta in a massive heavyweight fight

Published April 6, 2024 at 9:06 PM

As the Toronto Maple Leafs ventured into Montreal to face off against the Canadiens, Ryan Reaves continued his hot streak since returning to the lineup.

After engaging in fisticuffs with Tanner Jeannot of the Tampa Bay Lightning, Reaves showcased his newfound confidence by challenging Michael Pezzetta of the Canadiens.

In a display of dominance, Reaves swiftly dispatched Pezzetta in their on-ice altercation. Following the bout, Reaves didn't shy away from jawing at the home team bench as he was escorted to the penalty box.

For the Maple Leafs, having a teammate willing to stand up and fight embodies the grit and determination they've been seeking.

While Reaves may only see limited ice time, his presence is crucial, especially given his recent performances.

The Maple Leafs' victory over their historic rivals adds further weight to Reaves' impact. However, as much as Maple Leafs fans revel in their team's success, there's a yearning for a competitive Canadiens squad, enhancing the thrill of their matchups.

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Maple Leafs Ryan Reaves destroys Michael Pezzetta

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Ryan Reaves destroys Michael Pezzetta in a massive heavyweight fight

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