Major conflict surfaces between Jim Montgomery and Bruins management

Austin Sabourin
June 22, 2024  (9:14)

Jim Montgomery Boston Bruins bench
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Major conflict has surfaced between the Boston Bruins management and Jim Montgomery.

The Boston Bruins are heading into free agency on July 1st with $21 million in cap space and Don Sweeney has decisions to make on 9 free agents.
The biggest one being Jake DeBrusk, Don Sweeney said that he sees DeBrusk as a "big part" of the teams future but also said they took an aggressive approach with him, and all fingers are pointing to him walking in free agency.
Jim Montgomery believes that the Bruins should re-sign DeBrusk as he thinks DeBrusk is heading into the prime of his career and can be a game changer for the Bruins.
«I think his NHL future is bright. His career has been really good so far, and he's coming into his prime,» Montgomery said on the «NHL Wraparound Podcast.» «You look at how good he was for us in the playoffs this year after playing with some injuries during the year.»

Montgomery continued: «One thing you notice, that I really noticed is that every time I talked to him one-on-one, he was very honest about where he thought his play was. We talked a lot about consistency when Jake was on top of his game. Jake was a game breaker for us. He's someone that could change the momentum of a game in one or two shifts because of his tenacity, speed and skill.»

It seems like Jim Montgomery and Don Sweeney both have different approaches when it comes to Jake DeBrusk, Montgomery wanting him to stay regardless, and Sweeney doesn't seem to want to pay him what he can get.
DeBrusk was one of the Bruins best players in the playoffs, and losing him would hurt the Bruins as they aren't going to be able to find another top 6 winger for cheaper than what DeBrusk would sign for.
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Why Bruins' Jim Montgomery Believes Jake DeBrusk Is ‘Game Breaker'

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Major conflict surfaces between Jim Montgomery and Bruins management

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