Nick Holden Comments On Brad Marchand's Reputation Around The League.

Published March 8, 2018 at 12:06

Boston Bruins forward Brad Marchand put up another incredible performance on Tuesday with a five point night including the game winning goal. 

Despite the steady climb in Marchand's numbers the last couple of years, it's still rare he gets any respect outside of Boston. 

There was a brief Marchand lovefest when he played alongside Sidney Crosby for Team Canada at the World Cup of Hockey, but he's pretty hated around the hockey world. 

How hated though? Marchand is the prime example of a player who people might say they hate, but secretly want on their team and new teammate Nick Holden summed it up perfectly. 

 "For a guy who has the scoring ability that he does, it's amazing to see him work so hard," Holden told reporters Tuesday. "It's funny watching him from this side now. When you played against him, you hated (him) because of the way he plays. But when he's on your team, you love it because of the way he plays."

After a career high season of 39 goals and 46 assists last year, Marchand is following that up perfectly with 28 goals and 38 assists in 51 games so far this season. 
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