The Bruins reach a big settlement with Mitchell Miller

Austin Sabourin
July 23, 2023  (11:34)

In what can only be described as a controversial and remarkably brief tenure with the Boston Bruins, defenseman Mitchell Miller's contract with the team has been terminated.

The decision came after the Bruins signed the 21-year-old but quickly decided to part ways with him just two days later. However, the process wasn't straightforward, and the NHLPA filed a grievance against the termination, leading to a settlement in February 2023.
The details of the settlement were kept confidential, but it granted Miller a one-time payment and unrestricted free agent status, officially ending his contract with the Bruins on April 30, 2023, as now indicated on Boston's CapFriendly page.
The saga began when Bruins' general manager, Don Sweeney, signed Miller in November 2022, despite public knowledge of his conviction for assault back in 2016. The assault involved bullying and abusing his Black classmate, Isaiah Meyer-Crothers, who had developmental disabilities.
The revelation of these disturbing actions led to the Arizona Coyotes, who initially drafted Miller in the fourth round of the 2020 NHL Draft, renouncing his rights shortly afterward. The Coyotes were aware of the assault conviction but chose to sever ties with him after the details of the incident, including racial slurs and various forms of bullying, came to light.
The Bruins' association with Miller was short-lived, with the team deciding to move on from him soon after acquiring him. Team president Cam Neely publicly expressed regret for the situation, acknowledging that the decision had overshadowed the organization's efforts to support diversity and inclusion.
NHL commissioner Gary Bettman also made it clear that Miller would not be eligible to play in the NHL until his status underwent review and permission was granted.
During the 2022-23 season, Miller didn't participate in any games, leaving his future in professional hockey uncertain. ESPN's Greg Wyshynski had previously reported that a settlement to part ways with Miller was one of three possible options for the Bruins.
Now, as we look ahead, it appears that Miller's most probable path to continue his hockey career will be in Europe.
The saga surrounding Mitchell Miller has been a contentious and eye-opening episode in the world of sports.
As fans and analysts alike reflect on this story, many will be wondering about the broader implications and the measures teams take in evaluating the character of potential players. For now, though, Miller's immediate future lies across the Atlantic, as he seeks to resurrect his hockey career in Europe.
Source: Prohockeyrumours
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The Bruins reach a big settlement with Mitchell Miller

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