Bruce Cassidy Sends A Message To David Pastrnak.

Published February 15, 2018 at 12:14

The Boston Bruins are trying to keep things rolling and not ease up as they get closer and closer to the playoffs. 

The B's have made up some incredible ground as they're now just one point behind the Tampa Bay Lightning with two games in hand, and head coach Bruce Cassidy wants to make it clear now is not the time to be lazy. 

During Tuesday night's matchup against the Calgary Flames, Cassidy dropped David Pastrnak down to the third line and replaced him with David Backes as he didn't feel Pastrnak was able to keep pace with the gritty Flames.

Cassidy was asked if he was trying to send Pastrnak a message, particularly about playing with more intensity at this time of the year. 

"I was trying to say that politely, all kidding aside," said Cassidy. "You know, because I don't like to do it through [the media] -- David and I always talk. Yeah, to a certain extent [you] try to get a lot of the guy's attention, but he's one that [has to know] you're going to have tough matchups come April and May."

The B's head coach says Pastrnak is still young and sometimes he needs to be reminded that you have to keep your foot on the gas throughout the whole season. 

"If we're fortunate enough to be playing well and playing at that time of the year, that's what he is going to see. [Pastrnak] is going to have to grow from the experience he got last year. So there was a little bit of [message-sending], for sure. I love David's passion for the game, his willingness to compete. We just have to remind him every once in a while how to compete, how to manage the puck, and how to best help the team."
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