Bruce Cassidy Earns Himself A Spot In Bruins Record Books.

Published February 15, 2019 at 11:24

The main thing about the Boston Bruins 6-3 win against the Chicago Blackhawks was to make sure they can score goals and keep it rolling without David Pastrnak around. 

As a team that mission was accomplished and head coach Bruce Cassidy accomplished something pretty cool as well. 

With the win, Cassidy became the second fastest head coach in franchise history to get to 100 wins, doing so in 166 games. 

The quickest being Tom Johnson who accomplished the feat during the Bruins 1971-72 Stanley Cup winning season. It took him 138 games. 

While Cassidy wasn't able to do it as quickly as Johnson, he can also do it in a Stanley Cup winning season as the Bruins' playoff chances continue to look pretty good. 
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